a beautiful custom order…

I can't help but share this beautiful custom order with you all!  I absolutely love these two little makes... one a peplum hem jumper, the other a trapeze style jumper with delicate crochet flower patches around the hem line. A lovely customer named Penny reached out to me through the Etsy shop requesting these two jumpers [...]


Tuesday Tutorial #2

For my Christmas table this year, I have designed these low key, rustic inspired candle holders, that bring with them a sense of the natural world. To make these beautiful, rustic looking candle holders, you will need: A glass jar A glue gun Kitchen cotton Florist wire Leaves, sticks etc. (anything beautiful you can find [...]

the happiest cardigan…

This week I stepped out of my aesthetic comfort zone, and the result was wonderful.  What started as a way to use up the last of these colours of yarn, turned into this very optimistic colour block cardigan.  I think I'm in love...I've already began working on another one! What do you think? xo Jess [...]