Welcome to handmade for babe!

My name is Jess and I just adore making super cute things for our littlest ones, and I absolutely love handmade stuff. Handmade stuff is special, it is made with love and care. It gets used, loved, kept and passed on…it has a life and a personality all of it’s own. Over time, handmade stuff becomes so full of memories, all you have to do is touch it, smell it, hold it against your cheek…and like magic you are taken back.

I wanted to create this space to document my creative journey as I design and make all of the special things, as there is always a story behind everything I make.

I am also really excited to connect with all of the mums and makers out there!  You can find me on Facebook and Instagram as handmadeforbabe…make sure to say hello 🙂

xo Jess xo