Tuesday Tutorial #2

For my Christmas table this year, I have designed these low key, rustic inspired candle holders, that bring with them a sense of the natural world.

To make these beautiful, rustic looking candle holders, you will need:


  • A glass jar
  • A glue gun
  • Kitchen cotton
  • Florist wire
  • Leaves, sticks etc. (anything beautiful you can find in your own garden!)
  • Metallic markers
  • Scissors

To begin with put a little dollop of glue onto the jar, about half way down.  Attach the kitchen cotton and begin to neatly wrap the cotton around the jar.  From time to time you can use a tiny bit more glue, just to keep the cotton in place.

Once you are happy with the cotton, use the metallic marker to outline some leaves and sticks randomly.  You can use any colours you like, for me I found the gold colour gave a lovely warmth.

Dollop some glue onto the leaves and attach some florist wire, you can now twist the leaves together in a decorative way.

Using the glue gun attach the leaves, sticks etc.  to the jar.  You can also apply extra florist wire at this stage, in a decorative way.  I personally love the juxtaposition of the natural elements alongside the wire.

And that is pretty much it!

These candle holders are very easy to make and will bring a natural, rustic vibe to your Christmas table.  I really enjoyed using native leaves, but you could also make some really beautiful ones with poinsettia or perhaps some artificial holly.

As always, if you give these a go leave a comment and let me know! and don’t forget to tag your photos with #handmadeforbabe so I don’t miss anything 🙂

xo Jess xo

NB. Please consider using LED candles, instead of real ones as it may be a fire hazard!


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