creating a collection of hand made things…

As a creative kind of person it can be impossible to reign in all of the ideas and just focus on a single vision, but lately I’ve tried really hard and have been able to channel my thoughts to come up with a more cohesive collection for my shop hand made for babe.



My vision for hand made for babe is to build a brand that evokes all of the humble qualities of hand made things, qualities such as love, patience, craftsmanship and uniqueness, as well as an aesthetic; that by gone feeling of days passed, like the halcyon ideal of how things used to be.  DSC_0867 (2).JPG

When I imagine what the hand made for babe collection might look like, I draw on all of those qualities…to me they conjure simple items, made well: a crocheted cardigan worn over a cotton dress; embroidered, denim overalls; a pinafore dress worn with boots and knitted leggings; a tweed waist coat over a cotton shirt…the imagery comes easy (check out my inspiration board on Pinterest), the hard part is bringing it together, in a cost effective and sustainable way.

It’s a work in progress…

What comes to your mind when you think of hand made things?  Leave me a comment below!

xo Jess xo






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