Recycled Denim? Oh Yeah!


Who else loves op shopping?  I have been scouring second hand shops all over Maitland, in search of some cool, old jeans, and they’re not for wearing, but for cutting up!  I’ve been using the jeans to make some really cute baby clothes, so far I’ve made a cute pair of newborn overalls.  They’re adorable and available here if you want to check them out.



I  first got the idea to recycle old jeans when I started investigating sustainable fabric options, whilst thinking about ways to make hand made for babe a more eco friendly brand.  There is something about denim that just makes it better with age; it is softer, lived in, more comfortable, and beautifully faded.  Yet, it remains durable and is easy to care for, two important factors when it comes to kids clothes.

Close up of embroidery detail

What’s next on my to make list? More overalls, embroidered denim sun hats and patchwork jean shorts…the obsession is real!

Now I just need to find a creative project for all of those left over bits of denim!?  Any ideas?  Comment below and let me know what you would do with the scraps!

xo Jess xo




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